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Things We’ve Learned

Worst holiday ever

Understanding mental health is a mystery, because it carries a heavy stigma that plays out day after day, in homes, ambulances, police cars, emergency rooms, and psychiatric hospitals around the world. Clay knows, because it happened to him.

Carnations and Revolution

We felt fortunate to be in Portugal for the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, when the Portuguese overthrew their long-standing fascist regime.

Everybody Needs an Ivo 

If you decide to make a move like this, we highly recommend you find someone like Ivo Moura to guide you.

Going with the Flow

Going with the flow becomes especially important as you navigate a new country while learning their language and customs.

When life gives you Lululemon

Clay discovered lululemon through the briefs. That led to the pants and other apparel items that are perfect for travel.

Embracing Diversity in Travel

Let’s explore the importance of cultural sensitivity and provide practical guidance on how to honor local customs, traditions and etiquette as we travel.

Collecting Memories

Traditional souvenirs like keychains and shot glasses can quickly clutter up your home and collect dust. Instead, consider these creative ways to collect souvenirs that are not only meaningful but also practical and unique.

A Room With A Dog

We’re big fans of Trusted Housesitters. It’s a combination of Airbnb and dating apps, where you can explore the city you want to visit to find people who live there and need pet/house-sitters.

TV 101

I realize this makes me sound my age, but do you remember when you used to be able to walk into anybody’s house and watch their TV? Just like sit down, pick up the remote and turn on the TV to whatever channel you wanted? 

Paris and a Mouse

On November 27, 2023, we hit our one-year mark of being digital nomads. Here is some of what we learned, along with some mistakes you might be able to avoid if you’re considering doing something similar.

Finding Cheaper Airline Tickets

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time researching flight options, spanning international journeys from Reno to short-haul trips within both the U.S. and Europe. Through this experience, we’ve learned that there are many alternatives to use to get cheaper flights. Flexibility remains the linchpin for unlocking these savings. Click the link for some of the tricks we’ve discovered.

converting currency

Traveling internationally often means juggling multiple currencies, which can be confusing and expensive. Here are some tips to help you save money that you can use for more important things, like delicious street food, fascinating museums and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Surviving Jet Lag

Since we have more travel ahead of us, I decided to do some research ahead of time to try and figure out how to get in front of jet lag. Please share your secrets so we can all have more fun with the traveling part of travel. 

Navigating Airport Security

Refresh your memory with this list before you head for the airport to make your walk through the gauntlet of security a little less stressful.

Enjoying the Journey

After traveling thousands of miles in the last couple of years, compiled with talking to others, we’ve come up with this list of tips to help make the flights more bearable, and possibly even a little pleasant.

The Art of packing

With the right strategies, you can pack everything you need for a month-long journey into a compact carry-on suitcase. Say goodbye to luggage fees, bulky bags, and unnecessary stress. 

Choosing An Airbnb

Living in Airbnbs non-stop gives you some insight into how to choose a good one. It also gives you experience in living in a bad one. Read on so you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Not the ending we’d anticipated

Our first digital nomad tour did not end in the way we had hoped, but it’s all good. We’ve learned some things and we’ll continue to learn more when we go back.

Navigating Portugal’s Healthcare System

We were forced to navigate Portugal’s healthcare system. It did not go as expected.

The tale of three to six suitcases

We didn’t think things all the way through when we planned to travel for five months with carry-ons and backpacks. This meant making some additional suitcase purchases along the way.

Can You Hear me now?

The Ecomxia 2 Pack Wireless Lavalier Microphone comes in a compact charging case, which is handy when we’re out for several hours on hosted tours before we record. I love how easily the Bluetooth adapter snaps into my phone and automatically pairs with the microphone.

Docks & Doos

Socks, shoes and underwear choices matter even more when you’re living out of suitcases; and walking and running on a variety of tenuous surfaces.

Keeping Our Cards Safe

We love our Secrid wallets — they’re small, easily accessible and have RFID-blocking protection.

Sleight of Hand

I am, by nature, a paranoid person. And I’m extra paranoid when traveling, so I thought we were pretty well-prepared for this adventure. We bought RFID safe wallets to protect our credit cards from being scanned, we know to carry our valuables in front and/or zipped […]

eat all about it!

We discovered this magical KitchenAid attachment in our cooking class in Milan.

Learning How To Be Digital Nomads

Becoming a digital nomad is harder than it looks and we have spent more more time than we expected figuring out how to find our rhythm.

Preparing to take off

If you decide to travel to a foreign country, here are some things to consider handling before you go. Some of it even works for domestic travel.

Cuisinart to the Rescue

As I do most of the cooking at home, getting comfortable in new kitchens and cooking without my air fryer seemed daunting.

A Master Class in Packing

Now, I will shout this advice from the rooftops — bring one carry-on bag and a backpack. That’s how Clay and I traveled to Belgium and Amsterdam in 2022 and it worked like a charm. 

The Purge: Getting rid of your things

Knowing it’s time to pare down and actually doing it are two very different things, so we asked our friends on Facebook for some advice on how to approach what could be an overwhelming task. 

So Very Much Stuff

Even if you’re not planning something as extreme as us, there are definite advantages to going through your things and getting rid of some of it. And there’s a good chance it’s not just your stuff. Maybe your grown children have left behind mementos (or furniture), or you have the memories from cleaning out your parents’ homes. Either way, it’s probably time for much of it to go away. 

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