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Things We’ve Learned

Preparing to take off

If you decide to travel to a foreign country, here are some things to consider handling before you go. Some of it even works for domestic travel.

Cuisinart to the Rescue

As I do most of the cooking at home, getting comfortable in new kitchens and cooking without my air fryer seemed daunting. Let’s be real. Leftover fries are only edible after reheating in an air fryer. 

I was excited when I spotted a multi-function Cuisinart in the first AirBNB we moved in to after selling our house. It had settings for a toaster oven, oven and, best of all, an air fryer!

A Master Class in Packing

Now, I will shout this advice from the rooftops — bring one carry-on bag and a backpack. That’s how Clay and I traveled to Belgium and Amsterdam in 2022 and it worked like a charm. 

The Purge: Getting rid of your things

Knowing it’s time to pare down and actually doing it are two very different things, so we asked our friends on Facebook for some advice on how to approach what could be an overwhelming task. 

So Very Much Stuff

Even if you’re not planning something as extreme as us, there are definite advantages to going through your things and getting rid of some of it. And there’s a good chance it’s not just your stuff. Maybe your grown children have left behind mementos (or furniture), or you have the memories from cleaning out your parents’ homes. Either way, it’s probably time for much of it to go away. 

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