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The Guest House at the Top of the Hill

Queen size bed with a gray comforter and contemporary photo of buffalo over the headboard.

The Guest House at the Top of the Hill

In perusing through the Airbnb listings, I saw a familiar backyard. A little investigation let me know that it was the guest house at the home of one of my distant cousins. I had been invited to gatherings at their home before, but had never been in town for them. We have had major backyard envy every time we’ve seen the party photos so we were excited to get to see it in real life. 

We spent a week there in October and another week at the end of November. The backyard is just as beautiful as the photos and the hot tub is even available for guest use. 

The home itself is the in-law quarters for the main house. It’s cozy and clean, with a bunch of nice touches. There was a small Christmas tree waiting for us upon our second arrival, and we already loved the art and flowers around the place. The combination living room/kitchen dining room was surprisingly efficient. We could easily work at the dining room table and watch TV from the very comfortable couch. The TV is both smart and big, which meant I could manage it fairly easily (do you remember in the before times when you could just turn on the tv and watch it?) For cooking, there’s a hot plate and a microwave, which includes a convection oven. Who knew that was a thing?

The shower is plenty big, with great water pressure and hot water. The bed was super comfy and (best part) we had a ton of space for our clothes — in the full dresser and the closet. There was even a phone charger next to the bed, which was a nice touch.

It’s located at the top of the D’Andrea area of Sparks, which gave us fantastic views of the valley. I can’t even imagine how much more beautiful that would be in the spring and summer, but maybe we’ll find out!
Here are more details about this cute little guest house:

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