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Docks & Doos

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Docks & Doos

Black running shoes

When my son was a toddler, he referred to socks and shoes as docks and doos, which was so adorable we all started doing it. I hadn’t thought of that in several years until the memory flashed in my mind as I was finishing a recent run. 

As I started my cool-down, I felt grateful for the socks and shoes I wore on that particularly damp day (Saucony Peregrine Ice trail shoes coupled with Bombas running socks.)

Jackie and had I anticipated cool, wet weather for the first few months of our trip, which prompted me to stop at Reno Running Company in search of waterproof running shoes. The young woman who assisted me was curious about my plan to run in every city while we were away from Reno. After doing the foot heat map, I tried on a few pairs of shoes and landed on Saucony. The heat map indicated I had higher-than-average arches and would benefit from adding Currex RunPro insoles (excellent upsale, btw.)

Bombas socks

The combination of shoes, socks and insoles has been fantastic!

My feet have felt terrific (regardless of my on-again, off-again IT band situation) and have stayed dry through snow, puddles, wet grass and driving rain (except for submerging them multiple times on  a recent run through a deluge in Istanbul.) If you’re in Reno, head to Reno Running Company and check out the shoes and insoles. If not, you can find the shoes and insoles on Amazon. 

Lululemon boxers

We had a few misses with the waterproof shoes we ordered for Jackie. She’d had good luck with Skechers (not waterproof) and picked another pair before we left, and she loves them. She’s nearly ready for another pair, with all the walking we’re doing on a variety of complicated surfaces. You can find a selection of Skechers here and the style Jackie’s wearing on Amazon, among other retailers. 

Another decision we made before leaving for Europe was to standardize our socks. We both loved the Bombas we already owned and ordered another six pairs to share on our journey (we know it sounds co-dependent, but sharing is also a way to expand our suitcase space.) The running socks are supportive and comfortable, regardless of how far I’ve run or walked in a day. I also love that Bombas donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased. 

While not in the docks and doos department, I also standardized my underwear (TMI, I know.) My son gave me a set of three lululemon boxers for Christmas in 2021 with the promise they would be the best boxers I’d ever wear, and he was right. A few days before flying to Paris, I hustled into lululemon’s Summit location and bought two more sets, and it’s one of the best decisions I made. If you’re not near a store, you can buy them online

I’ll be in the market for a pair of road running shoes as the weather improves, and I’ll let you know what I find. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs that provide commissions to websites. There is no additional fee to you if you choose to purchase through these links.

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