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Keeping Our Cards Safe

Variety of wallets in different colors.

Keeping Our Cards Safe

Travel Wallets - orange and purple
Yes, we matched our logo, cuz we’re dorks like that.

We made a lot of changes as we started our new lifestyle as digital nomads. Part of that was giving up a purse for me and relying on our backpack (or pockets) for everything. This meant changing out my big wallet for something smaller. 

We were doing research on protecting ourselves from pickpockets when our friend Dave showed us the Secrid wallet he had purchased for travel.

It’s small, so easy to put in a front pocket.

You can pop out your credit cards without opening it and it has RFID-blocking protection so bad guys can’t scan your credit cards through your pocket or backpack. As importantly, they come in all kinds of fun colors. And they’re made in the Netherlands, one of our favorite countries!

We bought ours at Way to Go Travel, but if you don’t live in Reno you can also find them on Amazon. They’re spendy, but fingers crossed we won’t need to replace these anytime soon. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs that provide commissions to websites. There is no additional fee to you if you choose to purchase through these links.

Jackie Shelton, APR, is a strategic communications veteran who, after 30 years still has a hard time focusing on one particular aspect, so she has stopped trying.


  • March 30, 2023

    Love that you posted the secrid wallet, I’ve had mine for about 5 years or so and it is great. Definitely go to Way to Go Travel in Plumgate for you travel needs. I love the owner Alyson, ex stewardess! Alyson has some great umbrella’s I’m waiting to come in from London for our Paris trip next week.
    Loving all of your posts! How was having your hair colored by a stranger? Scary, stressful, easy?


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