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Running in Sight

Running in Sight

Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam, home of the 1928 Summer Olympics.
Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam, home of the 1928 Summer Olympics.

Jackie challenged me to run in each city we visit during our travels through the E.U. and the U.K. And since I love running through new cities, I accepted.

Running allows me to see things I would have missed if I had been driving. While we were on vacation last summer, I had the opportunity to run in London, Calais, Bruges and Amsterdam. It was exhilarating to see so many historical and iconic landmarks up close. 

My favorite run happened in London, where I ran across the Millennium Bridge with my son Gray and daughter-in-law Chase. In Calais, France, I didn’t look at the Strava heat map before heading out of the hotel. I made a right and ran into the Tour du Guet less than a minute later. Less than two minutes later, I passed Eglise Notre Dame. The church dates from the 12th century and is considered the only English perpendicular-style church in France. 

When I went for a run in Amsterdam last summer, I ended up at Olympisch Stadion, the stadium that hosted the 1928 Olympics.

The facility was in terrific condition and the history hung thick in the air. 

Running also allows me to get my bearings in a city and find places Jackie and I might want to visit, especially restaurants. I found a terrific breakfast spot in Bruges — Books & Brunch — where we had some of the best Belgium waffles I’ve ever tasted while sitting outside working on our latest writing projects.

I’m looking forward to sharing my Strava maps and photos of the fun things I find during our digital nomad journey!

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