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Running Around The World

running in lisbon

After running 163 miles in 11 cities on two continents, on routes filled with wicked downhills, flat paved pedestrian lanes, uneven park trails and city streets, firm, smooth sand, river banks and seasides, and in a city park with one of the best running setups to date, I injured my knee.

Not the ending we’d anticipated

Our first digital nomad tour did not end in the way we had hoped, but it’s all good. We’ve learned some things and we’ll continue to learn more when we go back.

The Paths of Porto

Clay found all kinds of fun (and some not-so-fun) paths in Porto and across the river in Gaia. Did we mention the hills?

the streets of istanbul

With three weeks in Istanbul, Clay had the chance to get out and run seven times, with varying degrees of success. Every place he ran was beautiful and/or interesting though!

marathoning in athens

It was pretty exhilarating for Clay to be able to run in the birthplace of the marathon and the Olympics.

roaming in rome

Clay got to maneuver through maddening crowds, tour buses, wedding photographers and the Vatican police for his runs in Rome.

Flowing in Florence

After leaving Venice, Clay had to learn how to navigate traffic again in Florence. It wasn’t as fun as you’d think.

Making Waves in Venice

Clay got to get out for five runs in Venice, with varying landscapes and results.

Miles of Milano

We reached Milan after five hours on the train from Geneva, Switzerland. The nasty chest cold I had in France lingered, and I was concerned about Milan’s poor air quality until we arrived. Fortunately, it rained several times, improving the air significantly. 

Genève on the Run

Clay finds the water border between Switzerland and France, and lots of other great waterways while running in Geneve.

Running on the River

There were so many great places to run in Lyon, and Clay found some of them.

Discovering Louis Vuitton

I was nervous. 

Running in Paris sounded terrific while I was still in Reno, but I was having serious doubts after weaving through the endless traffic and narrow streets from the airport to our AirBNB.

Unfamiliar Paths in My Hometown

This year my goals include running 372 miles and competing in my first marathon. Sounds easy enough. It would be if I stayed in my hometown until the marathon. But I’m not.

Running in Sight

Running allows me to see things I would have missed if I had been driving. While we were on vacation last summer, I had the opportunity to run in London, Calais, Bruges and Amsterdam. It was exhilarating to see so many historical and iconic landmarks up close. 

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