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Kasa, RED District, Reno – review

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Kasa, RED District, Reno – review

January 1-31, 2023

We had two months between selling our home in Reno and waiting to leave the country to become digital nomads. Our 1st month living in an AirBNB was not great, and we were excited to move to Kasa for the 2nd month. We were pleased with the accommodations and the overall service, and would recommend them for visitors and residents who need an external guest room.

While we thought it might be strange dealing with the staff through text messages, we found them to be responsive and personal.

When we asked for additional supplies, they responded immediately, and we had them within hours. They also checked in on a regular basis to make sure we were happy.

Since we were working while staying there, we especially liked having access to the conference and community rooms throughout the property, as it was nice to be able to move around while working on our projects. While we did use the gym, when we come back in the summer, we’d like to stay here so we can use the pool and bbq area.

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