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Places We’ve Been

The Guest House at the Top of the Hill

We had the chance to stay in the guest house of a home I’ve had backyard envy of for awhile, giving us a chance to see it close up. Let’s just say the envy is warranted.

A View from our window

We thought it would be fun to share what we see from our different homes around the world.

Seattle: exploring the Emerald City

Depending on who you ask, Seattle is known as the Emerald City to celebrate its lush forestry, but you might also hear it described as Rain City (which it was for much of the time we were there or the Coffee Capital of the World (it’s where Starbucks got its start).  

All of these descriptions work for us as we love trees, rain and coffee. One of the nice things about exploring with friends is that they show us things they’re passionate about, rather than just the places we can find in guidebooks and on the Internet.

The Oregon Coast:

After two fun weeks in Salem, we headed to the Oregon Coast, stopping in Depoe Bay, Newport, Coos Bay and ending our Oregon visit in Brookings for a week-long visit with Jackie’s sister and brother-in-law, Jill and Mike Lange.

Easy Living in Brookings

We spent a lovely week living across the street from the ocean in Brookings, Oregon. We stayed in an Airbnb owned by my sister, Jill, and brother-in-law Mike. Since we’ve been living in Airbnbs for the last year, I thought we might have some advice for them on how to make it better, but we did not. 

Salem, Oregon

Our two-week visit to Salem coincided with our kids last two weeks living there, which gave them the chance to show us around as they said goodbye to the city they love.

Must Love Dogs

We loved living on this Salem farm for two weeks, especially the backyard view and hanging out with their dogs.

A Magical Cottage and a Dog Named Duke 

While in Reno, we stayed in a beautiful garden cottage near the university, with a magical patio.

Never To Be Forgotten

If you’re in Northern Nevada, plan a visit to the Stewart Indian School Museum & Cultural Center, which has a mission to educate visitors about the experiences of American Indian children removed from their homelands, families and culture and celebrate their resilience through interpretation and revitalization of the Stewart campus.

Manifesting A Home

Clay and I both believe in The Secret and manifestation. In fact, I manifested Clay into my life, but that’s a different story. Manifestation, however, is also very relevant to the rest of this story.  When we realized we had to stay longer in Lisbon waiting […]

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