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Places We’ve Been

Comedy, like Music, Is Universal

We enjoyed a Saturday night date with comedians from Romania, China, Germany and Switzerland.

Carnations and Revolution

We felt fortunate to be in Portugal for the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, when the Portuguese overthrew their long-standing fascist regime.

Guests in Gaia

We had a blast playing host to Laura, Jennifer, Renee and Esther as they prepared for their trek on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago

We’ll Always have Amsterdam

Jackie has been wanting to see the tulips in Amsterdam for many years, so we took advantage of our friend Laura’s trip to enjoy a weekend of tulips, frites, Rembrandt and more.

Going with the Flow

Going with the flow becomes especially important as you navigate a new country while learning their language and customs.

A View from our window

We thought it would be fun to share what we see from our different homes around the world.


Our first week in Portugal has been spent working, shopping and eating, and we’ve loved every minute of it!

No Sin in this City

While in Las Vegas for the PPAI Show, we had the chance to experience
some of the area’s best restaurants, hockey, nightmares and sharks!

Conveniently located

We stayed in a multi-generational apartment attached to an existing home. These would be great for taking care of parents or adult children.

A Holistic Approach to healthcare

While we were in Oregon, Clay had the opportunity to visit the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center and learn more abou this indigenous approach to healthcare.

An Article of Clothing

Are you wondering what happens to the clothing displayed at Nevada’s state museums when an exhibit changes? Or where items come from for the new exhibits? Well, wonder no more.

The Guest House at the Top of the Hill

We had the chance to stay in the guest house of a home I’ve had backyard envy of for awhile, giving us a chance to see it close up. Let’s just say the envy is warranted.

Seattle: exploring the Emerald City

Depending on who you ask, Seattle is known as the Emerald City to celebrate its lush forestry, but you might also hear it described as Rain City (which it was for much of the time we were there or the Coffee Capital of the World (it’s where Starbucks got its start).  

All of these descriptions work for us as we love trees, rain and coffee. One of the nice things about exploring with friends is that they show us things they’re passionate about, rather than just the places we can find in guidebooks and on the Internet.

The Oregon Coast:

After two fun weeks in Salem, we headed to the Oregon Coast, stopping in Depoe Bay, Newport, Coos Bay and ending our Oregon visit in Brookings for a week-long visit with Jackie’s sister and brother-in-law, Jill and Mike Lange.

Easy Living in Brookings

We spent a lovely week living across the street from the ocean in Brookings, Oregon. We stayed in an Airbnb owned by my sister, Jill, and brother-in-law Mike. Since we’ve been living in Airbnbs for the last year, I thought we might have some advice for them on how to make it better, but we did not. 

Salem, Oregon

Our two-week visit to Salem coincided with our kids last two weeks living there, which gave them the chance to show us around as they said goodbye to the city they love.

Must Love Dogs

We loved living on this Salem farm for two weeks, especially the backyard view and hanging out with their dogs.

A Magical Cottage and a Dog Named Duke 

While in Reno, we stayed in a beautiful garden cottage near the university, with a magical patio.

Never To Be Forgotten

If you’re in Northern Nevada, plan a visit to the Stewart Indian School Museum & Cultural Center, which has a mission to educate visitors about the experiences of American Indian children removed from their homelands, families and culture and celebrate their resilience through interpretation and revitalization of the Stewart campus.

Manifesting A Home

Clay and I both believe in The Secret and manifestation. In fact, I manifested Clay into my life, but that’s a different story. Manifestation, however, is also very relevant to the rest of this story.  When we realized we had to stay longer in Lisbon waiting […]

We Have A Plan

Before we even left Portugal in May, we knew we wanted to return, and that desire has now become a plan.

Lisbon: people, weather, food

We got to explore and learn about Lisbon’s rich history, while meeting more incredible people. We even had the chance to learn about the area’s healthcare system, which, unfortunately, marked the end of this phase of our adventure.

Lisbon Airbnb Review

The apartment is in Queijas, which is a lovely little village about 20 minutes outside of Lisbon. While the apartment is completely modern, Queijas is a village, complete with goats and sheep about 10 minutes walking from our place. That contrast was lovely after spending a day in the hustle and bustle of Lisbon.

The Vibrancy of Porto

Porto is a magical city known for tuk tuks, pasteis de nata, history and bridges, though, ironically, not port.

Cover photo by José M Santos

porto airbnb review

We loved our time in Porto, and our flat was a big part of that. It’s spacious, nicely decorated, in a great neighborhood and our hosts were very helpful.

Our Journey

Here is our general plan, which is mostly based on weather. Let us know if you’re going to be traveling near any of these places and let’s do lunch! Or dinner or drinks, or whatever works with your schedule!

our week in Kadıköy 

During our last week in Türkiye, we enjoyed exploring the Asian side of Istanbul, while also learning more about Islam and Ramadan.

Kadıköy airbnb review

We loved our home in Kadıköy. It’s beautiful, well-maintained and three stories!

Istanbul, Not Constantinople

We spent three weeks in Istanbul, which gave us a chance to explore the Hagia Sophia, the Sunken Palace, the Egyptian Spice Bazaar and a wonderful hamam.

Athens on Foot

We only had a few days in Athens, but we managed to experience 2,000 years of history, as well as some excellent spanakopita.

When in Rome

We packed in as much of Rome’s 2,000 year history as we could in one short week, which wasn’t nearly long enough.

Rome Airbnb review

We loved our Rome flat and would totally live there if Italy would let us!

The Genius of Florence

Florence was home to the Renaissance and an incredible number of real geniuses. How did that happen? Read on.

Thirteen days in venice

Thirteen days in Venice was not enough to explore all the history, meet all the people and eat all the cicchetti.

Cover photo by Riccardo Tosetto

Florence Airbnb review

We chose Guiseppe and Edi’s guest house based on the pictures of the garden, as I knew we’d be here as spring was springing and I wanted to have access to flowers and grass. We were not disappointed, as the yard is lovely and the weather allowed us to work outside and enjoy it. 

Venice Airbnb review

Our flat in Venice was like living on Main Street in Disneyland, but without all the noise.

Peepers, Pedicures, Plays & Police in Milan

Learn about our experiences cooking, running and filing a police report in Milan.

Milano Airbnb review

Our place in Milan was nicer than the photos, and the photos are pretty nice. 

Genève: The city of peace

Genève is known as the City of Peace because many diplomatic peace-keeping talks occurred there. And we definitely had a peaceful time.

Geneva Airbnb review

We have been living in Airbnbs for several months (since selling our home to be digital nomads) and this is the first one that actually has closet and drawer space, making unpacking very nice. We also love that there’s a plant – nice touch. 

Lyon in Winter

We heard Lyon was the gastronomic capital of France, so we ate at all the places to find out.

Paris Airbnb review

Mario’s apartment gave us a taste of living in Paris. The small apartment was perfect for our needs, with a comfortable bed, dedicated work area, kitchen and a shower with great water pressure.

Exploring the City of Lights

We did as many things as we could in Paris, while also learning how to balance the demands of our new lives as digital nomads.

Kasa, RED District, Reno – review

We had two months between selling our home in Reno and waiting to leave the country to become digital nomads. Our 1st month living in an AirBNB was not great, and we were excited to move to Kasa for the 2nd month.

How This All Came About

And that’s when we figured out we didn’t need to choose. So we decided to visit Portugal. And Italy. And France. And Spain. And Greece. And since we would be so close, I knew I needed to re-visit Istanbul with Clay, so he could experience the magic I had told him so much about. You can only stay in the European Union for 90 days as a tourist so we put together a five-month itinerary and looped in the U.K. 

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