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Must Love Dogs

Looking through a sliding glass door to a swimming pool seating area

Must Love Dogs

Doug the Pug was always there to greet us and we loved hanging out with Olive (behind us).

We chose this Airbnb because of the goats. Back in February, when we set out on our digital nomad adventure, we knew we’d be coming home to spend a few weeks in Salem, and the idea of living on a farm sounded like a ton of fun. While it was a ton of fun, it wasn’t for the reasons I thought. The goats were very cute, but it’s not like they wander around freely, so we did have to go up to their pen to visit them (which we did, many times). While there, we also got to visit chickens and get awakened to the sound of a musical rooster most days (he didn’t seem to like the rain and clouds). But the best part of living on Tree Top Farm were the seven dogs that live there. We were especially fond of Remi, a German Shepherd who became obsessed with Clay once he realized Clay knew how to throw a ball. There were also three lab mixes, two pugs and a terrier. 

The second best part of our stay was the beautiful swimming pool/sitting area outside our back door. While we got there too late in the year to swim, we did enjoy working in such a beautiful environment. 

We loved the view from the balcony at Willamette Valley Vineyards McMinnville tasting room.

Okay, now about the space itself. It’s a small studio apartment converted from a poolhouse. The shared bedroom and living room were very cozy, with an incredibly comfortable queen-sized bed. In addition to a comfy couch and chairs, there was a small dining table in the kitchen, which consisted of a microwave, toaster oven, double burner and a gigantic refrigerator. Okay, it was a regular refrigerator, but it seemed gigantic after our experience with small bar fridges. 

We had a blast exploring the 11-acre farm on our work breaks, usually accompanied by a dog or two. And our hosts, Danielle, Dana and Tammie were interesting and insightful. They were quite intuitive in knowing when we needed our privacy and when we wanted to hang out and chat. During those chat times, they gave us quite a lot of information about Salem and the surrounding areas. And Tammie shared a delicious bottle of Pinot Noir, which led us to an excellent tasting/food pairing at Willamette Valley Vineyards

Tree Top Farm is also quite conveniently located, with easy access to different parts of Salem, Portland, wineries and areas to explore, including Silver Falls State Park, where we got to walk behind a waterfall. Do not miss a trip to this spectacular park!

We highly recommend this delightful little studio to anyone interested in exploring Salem. Tell the dogs we said hi! 
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