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Scavenger Hunts

Our friend Esther has traveled all around the world and is still going strong. A few trips back, she thought it would be fun to create scavenger hunts for her traveling party so they could explore their destinations in different ways. Jackie got to experience this when she traveled to Turkey with Esther in 2021 and loved it, so we’re going to start sharing them here.

If you’d like to play, download the scavenger hunt for the area(s) you’re traveling to, then take pictures of your experience with the different items on the lists. If you share them on social media, please tag @WanderfulWhirled so we can enjoy your journey along with you!

This is kicking off with Esther’s scavenger hunts, and we’re creating more as we travel about. We are naming them all after Esther since it was her idea, but we’ll let you know which ones we created.




Paris, France

Lyon, France

Genève, Switzerland

Milano, Italy

Venice, Italy

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

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