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Cuisinart to the Rescue

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Cuisinart to the Rescue

When we started our adventure, I knew I’d need to adapt to using new kitchen equipment. 

As I do most of the cooking at home, getting comfortable in new kitchens and cooking without my air fryer seemed daunting. Let’s be real. Leftover fries are only edible after reheating in an air fryer. 

I was excited when I spotted a multi-function Cuisinart in the first Airbnb we moved in to after selling our house. It had settings for a toaster oven, oven and, best of all, an air fryer!

Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven, Premium 1800-Watt Oven with Digital Display and Controls – Intuitive Programming, Adjustable Temperature Settings and Cooking Presets, Stainless Steel
This Cuisinart is ideal for small locations.

I highly recommend one if you are an Airbnb or VRBO host and your property has a small kitchen. I can promise your guests will appreciate it.

Once I got the hang of the intuitive controls (I was a bit slow on the take), I used it daily. 

When I couldn’t get the full-size oven to stay on to bake cookies during the holidays, the Cuisinart came to the rescue! While I had to cook smaller batch sizes, we had plenty of sweets to hand out to family and friends.

My foodie friends are probably shaking their heads and saying, “How did you not know about this already?” I do now, and when we settle down after our adventures, purchasing one will be a priority. 

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