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Europe & UK Infographic

The Beginning of Our Journey

We’re flying out of Reno to Paris on February 4, officially starting our tour when we land on February 5. Here is our general plan, which is mostly based on weather. Let us know if you’re going to be traveling near any of these places and let’s do lunch! Or dinner or drinks, or whatever works with your schedule.


2/5/2023     Paris, France

2/11/2023     Lyon, France

2/20/2023     Geneva, Switzerland

2/23/2023     Milan, Italy

3/5/2023     Venice, Italy

3/18/2023     Florence, Italy

3/28/2023     Rome, Italy

4/3/2023     Athens, Greece

4/7/2023     Istanbul, Turkey

4/17/2023  Jerusalem, Israel

4/25/2023     Porto, Portugal

5/4/2023     Lisbon, Portuga

5/10/2023 Casablanca, Morocco

5/17/2023     Barcelona, Spain

5/24/2023     Madrid, Spain

6/1/2023     Belfast, N. Ireland

6/8/2023     Edinburgh. Scotland

6/15/2023     England

Subject to change.

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